Closeup of an Eye With Pterygium

What is a Pterygium?

A Pterygium is a growth that begins to cover your eye and can eventually impact your vision. While we don’t know what exactly causes pterygium, we have linked it to too much ultraviolet (UV) light from the sun. While pterygium isn’t usually treated unless it begins to block your vision, the growth can be removed through surgery. Eye drops or eye ointments can also be applied to reduce inflammation from pterygium.

Will Pterygium go away on its own?

Pterygium can go away without surgery, but it depends on the size of the pterygium. If it’s smaller, it can be treated with artificial tears, or mild steroid eye drops to counteract the redness and swelling. However, if your pterygium is causing you discomfort or vision complications, surgery may be required.

Can pterygium cause blindness?

If put off long enough, pterygium can cause blindness. However, it can be removed through surgery. Although, the bigger the pterygium is, the longer the recovery period will be. Pterygium can also cause scarring and irregular astigmatism if left untreated long enough.

When should I have pterygium surgery?

Pterygium surgery should be considered when eye drops and ointment are no longer effective, and the pterygium begins to cause discomfort, astigmatism, or any vision loss. 

Is it time to consider pterygium surgery? 

Find out more about pterygium surgery and if you are eligible for this procedure by scheduling an appointment for a professional consultation with one of our ophthalmologists today!

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