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What Are Cataracts?

A cataract is a clouding in the typically clear lens of an eye, people tend to think it is a film covering the outside of the eye. Lenses are located inside of the eye, behind the iris, and are responsible for focusing light for clear vision. Cloudiness occurs as the lens ages, as well as sometimes as a side effect of medication. Consequently, blurred vision occurs due to lens clouding.

Even though cataracts usually affect both eyes, they can sometimes affect just one eye. It is not uncommon for one cataract to have a greater degree of cloudiness, causing poorer vision in that eye. A cataract typically develops when someone gets older, the clouding of the lens changes with age in varying degrees for every individual. Cataracts are more likely to occur if you have a family history.

Early Signs of Cataracts

Blurry Vision

Blurry, Cloudy Vision

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Seeing Blurry at Night

Night Driving

Patients with early-stage cataracts also report gradual worsening of nighttime vision.

Seeing Halos Around Car Lights

Halos And Glare

As the eye lens hardens and becomes cloudy, cataracts sufferers may notice the appearance of halos and glare in their field of vision.

Seeing Halos Around Lights at Night

Increased Light Sensitivity

For people with emerging cataracts issues, discomfort with bright lights will become increasingly noticeable and problematic.

Cataract Symptom Checker

How are Cataracts Detected?

An eye care professional can diagnose cataracts through a comprehensive eye exam. Additionally, there are other reasons for worsening vision. During the exam, you can evaluate visual nerve diseases like glaucoma and retinal disorders like macular degeneration. It may not be possible to restore perfect vision after cataract surgery if another disease also occurs.

How are Cataracts Treated?

Over time, cataracts can progress to a point where operation is necessary for better sight. In order to perform necessary or desired activities, cataract surgery is necessary if you are no longer able to see clearly. In cases of impaired driving, reading, or recreation activities with cataracts, surgery is reasonable. The treatment of cataracts is not possible with medication.

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